The ROTEST 4 portable detector is robust and easy to use.

The perfect tool to detect gas leaks in the environment and/or presence of leaks in pipelines.


It features a durable gas sensor with fast operation and recovery times.

Performs automatic calibration of the gas sensor.

Protective case made of shock-resistant soft rubber and easy to use with one hand of the device for use at the construction site.

Elongated folding stylus (43mm) that allows a larger working radius.

Built-in lamp for checking dark or hard-to-reach spots.

Fast and accurate detection of even the smallest leaks: the sensitivity of the device can be infinitely adjusted in the range < 50 ppm – Vol %.

Detection of all CH4-based gases (main component of natural gas).

Indication in visual and acoustic format LED and sound indicator.

Detects: natural gas, propane, butane, methane, methane, acetone, alcohol, ammonia, benzyl, ethylene, gasoline, hydrogen, industrial solvents, jet fuel, paint thinner, naphtha, toluene.